The Green We Love to Gram Is About To Have It's Own Pop-Up Experience

World, get ready. The green we love to ‘gram (hello, avocado) is about to have its own pop-up experience. The Cado. Think museum of ice-cream, but of California’s favorite fruit. And, those that attend are going to emerge with a lot more than just a pretty picture. You’ll be taken through the history of the avocado via all five of your senses. Oh, did I mention you’ll also learn the answer to the one question that we all wonder... How can you tell if it’s ripe? It’s *way* cool. 

The concept was birthed from two super fun, creative, and innovative girl bosses (and sisters), who I had the pleasure to meet last night at an “Avo Mask Mash Up” at the beauty, skincare and wellness boutique, Shop Good Co. in North Park. We had a smashing night of learning about the beauty benefits of the fruit and got to experience them firsthand with our very own Avocado Mask blend (hint: there will be a beauty exhibit). Let’s just say, the simple, 3-ingredient mask that I choose (avocado, honey, and lemon) was all my skin avo wanted. My face felt so hydrated and cleansed afterward!  

So if you're excited as I am, get ready to purchase your tickets starting April 10th. The pop-up will kick off in San Diego (did you know it’s the largest growing region in Cali?) at Liberty Station on June 16th.  But, don’t worry rest of the U.S. We all know that missing out is the pits. This pop-up is built out of shipping containers and may be coming to a city near you. Stay tuned! 

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