Taste Escape: Where to Eat in Santorini, Greece

Hear the word “Santorini” and most people (with access to the Internet) minds automatically think of the island’s photogenic and iconic caldera and it’s whitewashed villages which overlook a still-smoking volcano across the expanse of phenomenal blue waters. It’s dreamy and totally Insta-worthy. I mean, the hashtag #Santorini boats 4.5 million plus tags, but who's counting? And, while Santorini has become one of the most popular of all of the Greek Islands to visit for its breathtaking views, there is much more than meets the eye than just the landscape of this pretty place. Enter: the cuisine.

The Santorini cuisine has two [not-so-secret] ingredients that set it’s dining apart from the rest, and that is Volcanic soil and the Aegean breeze. Yes, you heard that right. Volcanic soil! The dazzling sunlight and the Aegean sea breeze combined with the island’s fertile volcanic soil nurture the local agricultural products, endowing them with top quality and a unique taste. And, if there was ever an island worthy of holding the title as “the wind island,” this would be it. A result of geological history, climate, and unique cultivating systems developed by the Greeks, the Islanders have transpired prized wines that date back over 3,000 years. *Santorini is one of the oldest vineyards in Europe. My personal favorite wine was the white Assyrtiko.

While we ate at many great places during our stay in Greece, these are two restaurants extra worthy of highlighting for your next trip to the island!

  • Seaside by Notos - This is a once-in-a-lifetime and uber-chic experience of gourmet cuisine, a vibrant lounge bar, an elegant fashion boutique, and an amazingly breathtaking beach (black ash sand) on the Aegean Sea that is sure to satisfy your taste and sight. Whether you opt to eat in the restaurant, on the beach, or at the seaside bar lounge (hello, Moet), you will get to enjoy Mediterranean flavors that are elegantly blended with creative, funky culinary “remixes” and the personal style of the restaurant's chefs Tasso Bacharidis and his business partner Maria Christofidou. It’s top-notch food, views, and service. Oh, and there is cool music. This play offers serves up all the #goodvibes from day to night
  • Ovac Restaurant - Enter: Ovac Restaurant, an awakening of the senses that you won’t want to pass up. Head to this upscale, cosmopolitan and chic restaurant for sunset and marvel at the miraculous and awe-inspiring hues of the sky against the dramatic backdrop of the spellbinding caldera and the majestic azure of the Aegean Sea as you savor signature cocktails, and exceptional and flavorsome dishes from the Mediterranean Fusion cuisine and the local gastronomy. From the food and cocktails to the music, design, and ambiance, and service, this is a must-see place on your Santorini visit. 
Unfortunately, this is the only picture I took of our food that night. The entire dinner was great!

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