These Travel Packing Cubes Changed My Life

Regardless of the destination, travel promises an exciting break from our daily grinds. But no trip, big or small, can begin without the packing dilemma. You know, it’s all fun and games until it comes down to having to decide what to pack, where to pack it, and whether or not we want to check a bag or bring a carry-on. Of course, checking a luggage offers more storage room but you can’t help but wonder about wait times, if it will get lost, and how you’ll lug it around. On the flip side, carrying-on seems like a more efficient and convenient route but can you really fit everything you want to pack in that little bag?

No matter which option you choose, I have a life-enriching travel accessory that is going to change the way you think and feel about packing. Introducing: packing cubes. Once you start using packing cubes, there is no turning back. Here’s some reasons why:

  • It’s incredibly satisfying to open your suitcase and know exactly where everything is.
  • Packing cubes will keep your clothes compressed and folded flat or neatly rolled (however you prefer to do it), meaning no wrinkles.
  • Once you’re settled in, you don’t have to rifle through your suitcase looking for that cute dinner outfit you swore you packed right on the top.
  • You can just move the cubes directly into the drawers of your hotel’s dresser, unzip, and you’re set.
  • You can fit double, if not triple, the amount of clothes that you would normally pack. For scale, in a medium sized BAGAIL packing cube, I fit three weeks of honeymoon tops (21 to be exact) in ONE cube. Yes, some were crops and it was summer so the clothes weren’t as heavy but common. 21?!

Convinced yet? Here’s some tips on what to look for when purchasing your packaging cubes.

Packing cubes are typically constructed of canvas or nylon, making them durable, lightweight, and easy to wash alongside your other dirty laundry post-trip. Some are made of plastic, which doesn’t allow your clothes to breathe as well, but will protect them from any spills or other scenarios in which your bags get wet. Additionally, some have mesh components, too, which is helpful when it comes to visibility and breathability but this can make your cubes more likely to snag or rip over time. Last, but not least, although most are designed to fit a carry-on, they can also be used for weekend duffels, backpacks, and checked luggage!

For my wedding/honeymoon, I invested in the BAGAIL 6 Set packing cubes from Amazon ($24.99), and I am a huge fan! The set comes with three different sizes:

  • 2 Large( 17.5" x 13.7" x 4")
  • 2 Medium (13.7" x 9.8" x 4")
  • 2 Slim (13.7"x5"x4")

And, it was plenty. I overpacked *in one suitcase* for a three week, international vacation. By overpacked, I mean I brought a separate day and night outfit for every-single-day of my trip. Yes, I change from day to night every day. In addition, I had bathing suits, cover-ups, PJs, bras, underwear, and some “extra” outfits, you know, just in case I didn’t have enough [haha]. Pretty damn amazing, right? Right!

I can confidently say that I’ve said goodbye to suitcase struggles for life. It’s time you join the pack too. Get yours today!

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