The Baked Bear

Let's get to the pint...

Any person that knows me knows that I am coo-coo for the ice-cream cookie sandwiches at The Baked Bear. If anyone is screamin' for ice-cream, it's me. For those of you that have tried it before, you probably understand what I am talking about. For anyone that hasn't, I'm here to give you the scoop.

Sometimes the universe grants us a wish that we never knew we had, a gift we never even considered asking, a solution to a problem we never knew existed. Case in point: The Baked Bear - a build-your-own cookie (or donut, or brownie) ice-cream sandwich shop. The Baked Bear offers over a dozen original-recipe cookies and ice cream flavors that give guests a chance to mix and match their favorite combination. But, the fun doesn't stop there. Before your served, your sandwich can be rolled through toppings ranging from Fruity Pebbles to sprinkles, to Oreo crumble, giving it an Instagram feed worthy touch!

One of my go-to combos? A funfetti cake cookie, brownie (or chocolate chip cookie) and cookie dough ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles. Warm on the outside, cold on the inside and delicious allover! 

Picture it: a hot California day, hanging beachside while stuffing your face with a refreshing ice-cream perfectly pressed between two freshly baked cookies. Are you salivating yet? Because I certainly am.

Head on over to @thebakedbear to see what these dessert dreams are made of!

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