See It By Sea: An Amalfi Coast Boat Cruise

Think of the Amalfi Coast and what comes to mind? An intriguing mix of sophistication and simplicity, and verdant hillsides brimming with pastel-color buildings reflected in the coruscating Tyrrhenian Sea. Magical? Natural wonder? Pinch-me views? Yes, yes and yes, another yes. This is a place that one only one can hope to see, and if you get the chance, I highly encourage you to see it by the SEA! 

To experience Amalfi by land is only half the experience. The best view is seen from the ocean where unobstructed vistas of the coast's world-renowned cliffs, as well as the gorgeous vegetation and colorful architecture, can be admired and photographed (#Instaworthy). From ferries to short cruises, semi-private, and private boats, there is an option for everyone and every budget. 

We opted for a private boat cruise from Nautica Sic Sic with our very own captain, Andrea. The boat’s name was Spice Girl which makes sense because it totally spiced up my life! It was my *favorite* activity, and day, of my entire trip. It was surreal in beauty, interesting in education — Andrea shared a lot of unique facts about the Amalfi, without it being overly tour-y — and just plain fun! We were supposed to split the cruises with one day visiting Positano and one day visiting Capri, however, due to poor weather, we combined the trips into one full day — there was definitely a “gold lining” here. We wouldn’t have wanted to do any less than a full day on the water, especially this water. It was perfect. 

From the private boat, we were able to go up and down, and all around the Amalfi Coast, where we soaked in the breathtaking views of the coast, caves, private islands, and more, marveled at the mega-yachts of A-list celebrities and athletes like Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jordan, Beyonce, Will Smith, among others, drank complimentary soft drinks, beer and champagne, and swam in the thousands of shades of Mediterranean blue and turquoise waters along the coastline. As someone who tends to not go in the water, I am so happy I did! It was warm and crystal clear (hello, occasional fish); I could have floated there for days. The extra saltiness about the water makes that very easy. 

Later in the day, we docked and enjoyed the authentic tastes of Neapolitan cuisine (homemade pasta, seafood, & more). We ate at Il Cantuccio, a wonderful, local recommendation from Andrea, which is located on the rocky coast stretching from Sorrento the beautiful Piazzetta Vescovado of Massa Lubrense; your boat can pull right up to drop you off! From the food to the atmosphere (hello, views), to the service, I recommend anchoring yourself here for a special seaside experience! 

It is a very spe-shell day that I shore enjoyed! La dolce vita. If you get the chance, I encourage you to seek to sea more by boat! 

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