Di Fara Pizza - A Love Affair

Pizza is a divisive subject in NYC. Everyone has their favourite that they are prepared to passionately defend to the death. However, there is one pie that that rises above the drama and is nearly, universally, heralded as the best. It’s a hike out to Avenue J and there will be an hour or two wait, but quality takes time.

Dom DeMarco has lorded over these ovens for 50 years, so make sure he hasn’t called out sick to the 'office' otherwise, no pies. And considering he can only churn out 100 to 150 a day; his pies are as hot a commodity as bitcoin. His is a beautiful, thin crust, hand formed, much loved pie. Dom uses the finest imported cheeses, olive oils, tomatoes and herbs. He cares about this stuff; he emigrated from the Caserta region of Italy, famous for their agriculture, located right outside of Naples, which is famous for their pizza. It was a geographical ‘match made in heaven’ where we all ended up the beneficiaries.

Di Fara is no frills and neighbourhood in feel. Anthony Bourdain called Di Fara “the best of the best.” Yes, maybe they have been shut down over sanitation issues once or twice, no bother, its just ‘Mad Man Dom’ reaching into a 800 degree over, with bare hands, to remove said pies. At that heat the pies are done in just a few minutes. Rumour has it he has lost feeling in his fingers. No oven mitts at Di Fara. They can’t stand the heat.

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230


Images courtesy of Di Fara website

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