Wellness Rituals You Should Consider This Fall

Fall is - without a doubt - the best time of the year to hone in on your self-care regimen. With the start of a new season, and your jam-packed summer schedule being a thing of the past, it's time to focus internally. So turn over a new leaf with these wellness rituals that are sure to bring balance to your being.

  1. Hang with nature. When the temperatures start dropping, it’s tempting to coop up indoors, but make a point to get outside. Go for a hike, a walk, to watch the sunset, or star gaze. Whatever it is - get up, get out, explore and appreciate the quiet and beauty of the outdoors. Research has found that interacting with nature has proven to have positive effects on your overall health and wellbeing. Not to mention, who doesn't love some fall foliage?
  2. Make a date with yourself. Don’t feel like hitting up happy hour? ‘Tis the season. Clear your schedule and mark your calendar for some “me” time. Enjoy a detoxifying hot bath, journaling, a workout, or a good dinner. #treatyoself
  3. Clean your closet. With the new season, comes a new wardrobe. So do a clean sweep and get rid of what do not want or *need* anymore. A good purge will not only bring you great pleasure but also add some structure and organization to your life!
  4. Create a zen zone. Pick a corner or area of your home where you can reflect and set your intentions. Fill this space with a few key items that make you feel good and inspired (crystals, candles, positive affirmations, a comfy pillow or blanket, succulents, etc.), and carve out a few minutes of your day to meditate.
  5. Fall into a new beauty routine. If you're like most people, your skin becomes dryer in the cooler months. Warm up to the idea of facing winter by adding a serum to your routine, switching to a heavier moisturizer, exfoliating and /or getting a humidifier for your bedroom.

What wellness ritual are you going to practice this season?

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