How To Have A Less Stressful Week

I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy. So let's talk about something we don’t know? Just kidding. This is actually a really important topic. Why, you ask? Because busy often times = stress. In some cases, major stress. And, while my motto is “stressed spelled backward equals desserts,” that doesn’t always actually help... long term. ;)

So to assist all of us, I’ve compiled a list of tips that will help us have our best and most productive weeks yet! Are you ready?

  • CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. A clean apartment, condo or house helps unclutter your mind and de-stress. From the moment you start tidying up, you will feel inclined to reset the rest of your life. Make this a Sunday ritual so your week can be as fresh as you and your space!
  • MAKE A TO DO LIST.  Way to state the obvious, right? You know I’m correct though! Make a list, check it twice, then get ready to cross that sh#t out! It’s a new week with new goals and new accomplishments! Prioritize your tasks from most urgent to the least and map out which days you’ll be working on them. Keep these lists filed in a planner or on a planner App if technology is your kinda thing.
  • SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS. Figure out when you can fit your weekly workouts in so you don’t have to stress over finding a time to complete them. I’ve said this before, but I am going to say it again, it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Physical activity not only affects our outer appearance but also our mental and emotional wellbeing  (hello, endorphins!). From lessening the risk of diseases to strengthening your heart, body, and bones, reducing stress, anxiety, and (bad!) fat, to improving self-esteem, these are just a few of the many benefits of regular exercise. Who wouldn’t want to add years to their life and life to their years? Get up, get out and get going, people!
  • MEAL PREP. The healthiest and most cost-efficient way to eat is a good ole’ home-cooked meal. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your dish-in’ (haha) by prepping your meals on Sunday. This will save you a lot of time and it will make healthy eating convenient and more enjoyable.
  • PLAN YOUR OUTFITS. If you’re anything like me, picking out your outfit could take up 75% of the actual time you take to get ready sometimes. I mean picture a total-closet-torpedo. To save yourself the stress of having to rush before a big meeting, work, event, workout, or whatever is on your calendar, pick out your outfit the night before. Then, you might be able to make that smoothie, squeeze in a few minutes of extra zzz’s or, heck, do your makeup at home vs. on your commute. Now that sounds fitting!
  • HAVE ME TIME. Disconnect to reconnect by giving yourself some time to truly ‘unplug.’ This time will be well earned when you complete all the above. So do something you love, whether that be reading a book, taking a bath, baking, doing a facemask, or whatever it is that makes you smile, and be fully present in the moment. This time is all YOURS!

How do you make your week less stressful?

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