Travel Hack: Fashion Conscious Compression Socks

As someone who travels very often, I know all too well how soul-wrenching commercial air travel can be. From the lines to the people, seats, food, delays, airplane air, you name it. But, frequent flyers find ways to adapt and develop their own private rituals that offset the inevitable annoyances.

For me, that’s my in-flight beauty routine and my newfound compressions socks. Yes, you heard that right: compression socks. You might immediately think of the tights catering to older men and women, but compression wear isn't just for grandparents anymore, people! The compression sock is becoming increasingly trendy, actually thriving in the fashion among stylish individuals who suffer from cramped airplane seats and long flights. 

So what do they do and how can they help YOU?

Compression socks promote blood flow from the feet to your heart and can help with the uncomfortable effects that traveling can cause. You know the mid-flight swell when you need to loosen or actually take your shoes off? Or the soreness, fatigue or very dangerous blog clots? Well, these socks can help with that! Compression socks are designed to hug your legs tightly, which helps veins and muscles circulate blood more effectively. This stimulation of blood flow helps for prolonged sitting or standing — and keeps muscles from getting sore after strenuous activities (walking, hiking, working out). This type of sock is the tightest around the foot and ankle, gradually loosening from the calf to just under the knee. They may require a little muscle to pull on, but the effect is worth it! 

I’ve been wearing the Comrad Compression Socks in black charcoal and muted rose (of course!). But, don’t worry, there are a handful of designs and colors to choose from. After all, this brand designs it’s socks to support your feet and look good doing it - all at an affordable price. With Comrad, you get the comfort and style of a dress sock, the moisture wicking, antimicrobial support of an athletic sock, and the health benefits of a compression sock. Oh, and it’s for women and men!

So if you want to land without heavy legs or swollen feet AND want to feel deceptively slimmer, try this travel hack on your next flight!

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