These Candles Smell Amazing All The Time

These are the candles that smell so good you don’t even have to light them to enjoy the intoxicating scents. And, the packaging is super cute to boot.

LEMPI Scented Candle - [LEM-PE], old Finnish for love is representative of the days when love was shamelessly romantic and best savored in black and white. The timeless blend of rose and strawberries, garden peony and oakmoss is absolutely intoxicating. Both the unlit and lit candle will stop you in your tracks, having you look around for what smells so good. To top it off, the painted glass packaging and engraved beechwood lid are just as pretty.

Anderson Lilley - Stop everything that you are doing and order the Manhattan Beach candle. The scent of bergamot, citrus, white jasmine, Brazilian soft woods, heliotrope, and musk carry you away to a coastal retreat - hence the *Manhattan Beach* name. From the exquisite scent to the rich copper color packaging, this is a fragrance that will take you on a sensory journey (literally).

Anderson Lilley smells good and does good. The company shares a portion of profits with choice not-for-profit organizations in several important categories, including illness, children’s needs, and animals.  

Boy Smells- Each of the Boy Smells candles were created by boys and inspired by a personal catalog of olfactory memories which were then evolved and expressed in a modern context - both familiar and unexpected. The candles are a proprietary blend of coconut oil and beeswax; beautiful and rich-burning. From floral, fruity, to herbal or woody, Boy Smells has a candle for everyone!

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