Lip Talk: The KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Mask

What is KNC Beauty and why are you seeing the aesthetically pleasing, pretty-in-pink lip mask pop up all over your Insta?

The “KNC” in KNC Beauty stands for Kristen Noel Crawley, who’s the LA-based founder of indie fine jewelry line KDIA and a co-founder of Chicago boutique/art gallery RSVP with her husband Don C, who works with Kanye West. A pretty dynamic duo, huh? Now that we got your history lesson out of the way. Let’s see why everyone is putting their money where their mouth is (literally!).

The KNC Collagen Lip Mask formula blends moisturizing rose flower oil, cherry extract and vitamin E for a gorgeous pout from the inside out. Not only does it hydrate, but it deeply conditions, which can also help improve your lipstick game—acting as a smooth primer for all your favorite shades.

The application is simple—you just place it on your lips. The mask itself is palm-sized, and it's in the shape of an oversized pair of pink lips, making it perfect for a #selfie. The "oversizing" of the mask, which spans onto your chin and upper lip, is beneficial if you suffer from fine lines. It has a slit in the middle (splitting the two lips) and one side of the mask is wet with the lip plumping ingredients. You wear the mask for around 15 minutes, and then remove, patting in any excess. 

The final product is pretty awesome. Think: smoother, extra hydrated and healthier than usual looking lips. But, PSA: don't expect it plump up your lips to a whole new voluptuous size. It's not going to work that kind of miracle. But, it will give you a reason to say goodbye to lifeless lips and hello to power pout! 

So are you ready to seal it with a KNC kiss?

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