Be In The Glow: Tata Harper is Beauty Without Compromise

Earth day is right around the corner so I wanted to take the time to highlight one brand - and one of my personal faves - that loves you as much as it loves the Earth: the natural beauty authority, Tata Harper. My guess is that you probably have heard of this cult-favorite, industry-leading brand, but in the case that you haven’t, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you. Seriously, I’m truly honored that I am about to change your life (you can thank me later, or in the comments below).

Tata Harper is the completely, 100 percent natural and non-toxic beauty brand that is conducted by none other than, Tata Harper, herself -- also known as the ‘Queen of Green.’ She operates the skincare brand from her 1,200-acre farm nestled in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, where she grows the organic herbs, fruits, and oats that are all used in her products. The in-house lab helps ensure fresh, totally traceable and biocompatible formulas that WORK! Let me repeat myself: WORK!

This collection delivers dramatic results without compromise, and it can be found on the vanities, nightstands and in the cosmetics bags, travel totes, and beauty cabinets of celebrities, influencers, editors and consumers alike. Oh, and MINE; I’m utterly obsessed.

Here’s why:

Tata Harper is rigorous in her ingredient sourcing – she doesn’t use ingredients that use synthetics or GMOs in their extraction processes – and she formulates and manufactures everything in her facilities so she can ensure freshness and quality. And, let me tell you, these products are high-quality, high-performing, and highly-satisfying. You don’t need to risk your health for beauty with her complex, highly concentrated formulas. In fact, you can look for the "High Performing Ingredients" icon on your box and on the Tata Harper site to see just how many bioactive botanicals are working to make your skin beautiful. Oh, and, you can tell just how fresh your product is and who made it by looking up the "etch batch number" on the bottom of the bottle! Pretty cool and transparent, huh?

Image pulled from the Tata Harper website

Part of being natural for her is also about being sustainable in her ingredient sourcing, as well as with her packaging. She uses infinitely recyclable glass bottles, post-consumer recycled papers, and environmentally friendly inks. She doesn’t cut corners and instead is in your (our) and the planet’s corner.

From normal to blemish-prone skin, hypersensitive and dry to age-defying, the collection has a product that can address any skin concern for uncompromising women (and men) that want to reveal her true beauty, rather than cover it up.

My first time utilizing the collection was unlike any other experience that I’ve had testing products thus far. I experienced instant gratification with every single use. And, I didn't break out (which I have with some natural products before). Instead, my skin had an irresistible flush and an illuminated, healthier, tighter, brighter glow. In my opinion, these are the products that give you the confidence to go makeup-free because your skin is “on fleek,” “pretty AF,” and whatever other beauty terms for “amazing” and “the greatest,” that you want to use.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the line:

  • Illuminating Eye Cream - This is your ticket to brighter days. It combines the soft-focus effect of makeup with skincare to both disguise and minimize signs of tiredness and aging around your eyes. It left my eye area perfectly dewy and glowy. It’s like a serious moisturizer, concealer and highlighter all in one.  And, it smells good!
  • Resurfacing Mask - This award-winning beta-hydroxy mask works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin – without causing downtime or irritation. No redness, people! it delivers an instant glow - let me repeat, instant - and helps minimize the appearance of pores, while improving texture for smooth, radiant, glowy skin. It’s formulated to purify and remove surface debris and dead skin for a refreshed instantly revitalized appearance. *I like to use this in the morning to kickstart the day.

  • Clarifying Mask - Do you have redness, dull skin, uneven texture or are blemish prone? This Clarifying mask is the ultimate weapon against any skin imperfection to get your skin back to looking healthy, balanced and clear! The complexion clearing treatment has an enzymatic peel effect that helps mask the appearance of breakouts, redness, and excess sebum without drying or irritating the skin. Not to mention, it’s green and totally Insta-worthy!
  • Rejuvenating Serum - I haven’t had Botox, but people that I know (and have) have compared this to a “liquid Botox!” So what’s inside? The serum contains a powerful blend of ingredients that help minimize visible signs of aging for a healthier, firmer looking appearance. The award-winning, best-selling concentrated formula helps to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles while infusing the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, and vitamins so your skin appears visibly radiant and moisturized.

Again, that's just a few of my faves. 

But, if you’re looking for a “starter” kit or a better bang for your buck, I recommend the Daily Essentials Kit, Balancing Act Kit (for blemish prone skin), Time to Shine Radiance Kit, Daily Essentials Natural Anti-aging Skincare Discovery Kit or the Glow For It Kit.   

If you have any skepticism on going natural and find yourself questioning whether naturals are as effective as synthetics, listen up. The most commonly used synthetic ingredients are created as cheaper and more predictable versions of natural ingredients, which are much more expensive and delicate to work with. Like I had mentioned earlier, Tata Harper doesn't cut corners and use imitation, instead, she uses the real, healthier, safer and more effective thing. 

So invest in yourself -- and the planet. Tata Harper pioneered the farm-to-face obsession, now I encourage you to cultivate healthy habits and achieve your greatest skin yet!

Are you ready to green your beauty routine?

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