Setting & Manifesting Intentions with The Dream Catcher Planner

Intentions have the power to change your life. When you set an intention, you are activating your receptivity and manifesting and putting out what you intend to attract and call into your world! Setting intentions is not just about tangible, physical things, it’s also about how you operate internally - your internal "wealth." For the creative spirit, ideas and insights are always churning beneath the surface, and they will spark beautifully, magically and passionately in whatever time we can offer them. My Dreamcatcher Planner is the perfect tool to help me identify my intentions, channel my creative juices and work towards achieving my goals. 

For all the doers, dreamers, entrepreneurs and believers out there, you have to get your hands on one! The leather book is lined with "dream sheets," pages to write your "wild ideas," "what you are grateful for," "what would make this the best year ever," your "visions," a "board," as well as, your traditional calendar with time slots to stay organized! It doesn't stop there though. The founders, Justin and Will have thoughtfully added bonus features including inspirational quotes to keep your morale boosted and your mind centered, columns to note your weekly focuses, top priorities, successes and key learning experiences. Did I mention that the Dreamcatcher comes with a handy pen holder? You might come across 99 daily tasks, but finding your pen will never be one! Staying organized has never become so fashionably easy.

So what are you waiting for? Join the club and stay inspired! The Dreamcatcher Planner is positive vibes, manifestation and organization at it's finest!

Not to mention, we gotta catch them all. #goals

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