The Print That Is Going To Be Popping Up Everywhere This Fall

For the majority of those living in weather changing seasons, it’s been awhile since we last thought about layering our clothing for the weather, as opposed to just for style. With the welcoming of fall, it’s time to unpack our plastic bin of sweaters, parkas and long-sleeves and turn over a new leaf with our wardrobe choices.

So what has been the ultimate fall style chameleon year after year? Plaid. The timeless yet trendy print is not regulated to a single group, aesthetic or era, and it comes in endless varieties: madras, gingham, tartan, windowpane - the list goes on. Whether it’s hanging loosely from your shoulders with denim and a t-shirt, worn with a body-con, tied around the waist of a romper for a grunge feel, or worn structured with high-waisted flares, the versatile shirt has got you covered (literally) no matter what look you’re aiming to achieve!

And, this season, the plaid pattern will stretch way beyond our go-to fall shirt staple. You can except to see the print popping up on oversized blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, handbags and more.

Here, I've rounded up a few of plaid pieces to check out for some major style inspo!

Photography: Kristina Yamamoto
How do you wear plaid?

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