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Our non-stop schedules require us to be hyper-proficient multitaskers - we make dinner while responding to work emails, checking our Instagram feeds, and catching up with our friends or family on speaker phone. But, while this may seem productive, we are not fully present or truly appreciative of what we are doing in that moment. That’s why there has been an increasing attention being paid to mindfulness and it’s benefits, as well as, the practice of meditation.

Celebrity mindfulness expert & former NFL running back, Prince Daniels Jr. was at the forefront of the practice of meditation and mindfulness before it went mainstream, and he’s applying his expertise in fitness, wellness and holistic health to bring us The Weekly Unwind -  an event that helps one alleviate the stresses of a busy work week and better connect to his/her mind, body and heart through the process of meditation. Through two guided sessions, Prince will allow you to experience tranquility through breathing and body awareness.

So sit back, relax and get ready to get in tune with your thoughts, sensations, and feelings... and just unwind. The sessions are great for all levels of participants to acknowledge and learn practices that one can carry throughout their life. It’s meditation reinvented for the busy professional who doesn't want to take their week into their weekend! You can find the details below.

  • When: Thursdays at 6:15 pm *Limited space available
  • Where: Level 10 Performance, 624 Broadway, Suite 504, San Diego, CA 92101

Hopefully your experience on the cushion will be applied to your life off the cushion as well!


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