New Moon in Virgo

Look inward before you look outward!

Happy new moon in Virgo! For those of you that do not practice lunar astrology, a new moon happens when the sun and moon align at the same degree, making the moon either invisible or appearing as a slight crescent. It marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, which is the perfect time to slow down, evaluate, and reassess your #goals. The sign that the moon is in (Virgo) during this period will influence the types of goals that you'll want to set and achieve for yourself. 

This new moon in September 2017 is all about the mind, body and soul connection. A time to reinvent yourself. Virgo is associated with digestion and self-mastery, so it is important to tune inward and look at what has happened in your personal universe - from your health, to your self care routines, to how you show up daily to work, your responsibilities, etc. The sign is the perfect one for setting new moon goals and getting those goals accomplished; A.K.A Virgos are gifted with discriminating between what is a constructive use of energy, at working hard, staying organized, paying attention to detail, and congratulating themselves and others on accomplishments both small and big. 

So after major shifts from the solar eclipse and mercury retrograde (who else felt it?!), it’s definitely time to bring order to the chaos! And, that extra boost of motivation and clarity that you may be experiencing?! Well, it is only the beginning of this transitional period.

Whether it's starting a new health routine, eliminating waste from your life, prioritizing self care or "me" time, cleaning up your diet, or researching your life for your next chapter - get started! Set intentions that honor your purpose and shoot for the stars! There's no better time than now.

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