Make Authentic Connections

Our addiction to social ‘connectedness’ has completely altered the true meaning of the word. As we share our lives and connect with others on social media, we sometimes forget what true human connectedness actually is. Life is hard. Life is beautiful. It is messy and it is raw. And sometimes it just doesn't go as you would like it to. But more often than not, we don’t share our authentic and real side with others. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s shyness, maybe it’s just because, sometimes, we don’t know how.

This gets you thinking of what an authentic connection is and how we can have more with the hundreds of strangers who cross our paths every day. Here are a few tips on how to embrace your creative confidence and authenticity.

  1. Be a listener, first. Have you ever tried telling a story to someone who seemed distracted or uninterested? We've all been there. It’s awful! Don’t be that person. Listen to them with every fiber of your being. If you become distracted, refocus.
  2. Show grace. Every person you see today has an untold story. Every one is fighting their own battle. Every s-i-n-g-l-e person. Grant them patience and grace just as you wish they would you.
  3. Don’t fear vulnerability. Being open and vulnerable is frightening, but there is beauty in connecting with someone over shared openness. There is the ability within vulnerability to let your walls down.
  4. Ask sincere questions. As you intently listen to others, you will hopefully cross into a world called curiosity. It's ok to ask questions. It'll open your mind and your heart.
  5. Empathy is a strength. Show compassion. Be understanding and warm. And, do not judge.

Happy connecting!

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