Life is a Train

Did you ever receive a piece of advice that left a lasting impression on your soul? I have and, for me, that incomparable guidance consisted of four simple words: Life is a train.

Life is a train, life is a train, life is a train; this simple sentence spins over and over in my head like the wheels on your local locomotive. A mentor and dear friend of mine shared this valuable information with me while going through an interesting transitional period of my life. I felt that life was moving at a rapid pace and, although I was moving at this speed, not everyone around me was headed in that direction. This whole new perspective provided me with a deeper understanding of life and the sentimental valuable of timeliness and relationships.

Here's what I learned and what I continue to bring with me as my carry-on on this life journey..

Each and every one of us are a conductor on our own state-of-the-art train. We are headed in one direction, and that is forward. On this train ride, we will have family members, friends, partners, co-workers, acquaintances and even strangers join us, however, not everyone will make it to the final destination. Many will get off one of the first few stops, others will be alongside you for half the way, some will get off the train and then back on, and then you will have a select few individuals that will accompany you for the whole ride.

Why is that? LIFE! Life happens. People move, move on, have children, go back to school, land a new job, travel, and what have you. Each and every passenger will venture on to your train with a purpose, bringing you to your next destination via a significant life lesson. Every person has a different path yet work in miraculous way to lead you to your final destination.

The stranger who gave you directions so you didn't miss your meeting, the teacher who sparked your interest in a particular field, the boss that provided constructive criticism that challenged you to exceed your quota, the significant other who taught you how to love and/or what you do or do not want in a partner, or the mentor that gave you a valuable piece of advice that changed your life as you know it. You may not realize it at the time but, when you look back, you will be able to connect the dots (or stops).

Cho, cho, cho-ose wisely who gets a first class seat on your train and be mindful that there are passengers that may try and derail you; but you are the "controlla" (cue drake voice) of where you are headed and how you want to get there.

Safe and happy travels!

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