How To Set Intentions & Manifest What You Want In 2018

Today marks the the first day of the last month of 2017 and the one month mark to the kickoff of a new year (and my birthday, just saying!). A.K.A it’s the perfect time to start thinking about setting a New Year's intention.

The New Year offers an incredible opportunity to turn inward and get aligned with what we want to call into our lives. By focusing on what we want now - instead of waiting for the clock to strike 12 - we can get a head start on manifesting and turning our dreams into a reality. For, according to the law of attraction (manifestation), we are completely capable of making whatever we want appear in our lives — as long as we wholeheartedly believe it's possible. 

So how do we get started?

  • Set clear intentions that empower and excite you. In order to attract what you want, you need to get clear on what you want. For when you set a clear intention, you will automatically feel more focused, energized, excited and inspired to work towards creating or achieving the desired change. But, how do you get crystal clear? You could get our your crystals, but you should also think hard, dig deep and ask yourself the following questions: What do I want to change in the new year? What do I want to attract into your life? What is calling me? How do I want to feel? We all deserve to life a life that has purpose and connects us to the world that we are living in. So write your answers down and visualize how this next chapter of your life will appear. You’re the author and main character of your story; how do you want it to read?
  • Change your thoughts and change your words to change your energy. Ain’t no-body got time for self-judgement; so leave your negative words and thoughts in 2017, and get ready to welcome positive affirmations in the 2-0-1-8 (wow - is it really going to be 2018?). Self love is the best love so it’s time to acknowledge and accept yourself without any judgement. Go ahead, hug yourself! Ok, you don’t necessarily have to go that far, but you should go look in the mirror and recognize how special and unique you are, and all the wonderful attributes that you bring to the world. By changing your thoughts and your words, you change your energy and, in turn, your ACTIONS!
  • Trust the process. Believe that there is a greater power than you that will help orchestrate the fulfillment of your intentions and remember that when you look backwards, the dots will all connect.

So what intentions are you going to set for next year?

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