5 Tips On How To Take Care of Yourself

For anyone who has been looking for a good reason to #treatyoself, consider this: you probably don't do it often enough, and putting "me time" on the back burner is a huge part of why you may feel run-down, frenzied, and overwhelmed. But, don’t worry, self-care is coming to the rescue and here’s how.

Sleep. Newsflash - sleep is not optional. Whether you want to believe it right now or not, you will soon find out that it’s not called “beauty sleep” for no reason. Getting quality shut-eye is just as important for crushing your healthy-everything aspirations as is getting in your daily steps, proper nutrition and making time for self-care. With sufficient amounts of zzz's, you will enhance your physical, mental and emotional (no cranks here!) self and avoid harmful side effects [from sleep deprivation] such as poor heart health, immune function, appetite regulation, fatigue and changes in your mood. So how do you get better sleep?

  • Turn off the tech.
  • Make your bed extra comfy.
  • Get in a sweat sesh.

Drink Water. This sounds pretty obvious, but it just so happens that a lot of people don’t get adequate amounts of h2o per day. Since drinking enough water takes some getting used to, I’m sharing a few tips on how to help create the healthy habit!

  • Figure out when it’s optimal time for you to hydrate and get on a “schedule.” That could be when you first wake up and have an empty stomach, in the morning before your day gets very busy, etc.
  • Make drinking water convenient for you by investing in a large, refillable water bottle (SWELL, HydroFlask, etc.) or save your plastic store-bought water bottle and rewash for reuse.
  • Choose your water wisely. *PSA* NOT all water is created equal. When opting for store-bought water, I highly recommend sticking to pH balanced brands such as Essentia or Carlsbad Alkaline Water. Alkaline water (pH balanced) neutralizes the acid in your bloodstream and helps your body metabolize nutrients more effectively, leading to increased hydration, better health, and performance. You will significantly notice the difference when you drink alkaline water vs. regular bottle/tap water.
  • Room temperature water is easier to drink.

Exercise. It’s not necessarily about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Physical activity not only affects our outer appearance but also our mental and emotional wellbeing  (hello, endorphins!). From lessening the risk of diseases to strengthening your heart, body, and bones, reducing stress, anxiety, and (bad!) fat, to improving self-esteem, these are just a few of the many benefits of regular exercise. Who wouldn’t want to add years to their life and life to their years? Get up, get out and get going, people!

Nutrition. Learn your body, know your body and treat your body because every-body is different. Food provides our bodies with energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly and we need the right amounts of nutrients for good health! And, don't forget moderation!

Find balance. When you’re committed to running a business, putting your energy into your career, devoting time to your partner, kids and/or family, going to school, being a busy bee in general, or literally doing all of the above, it’s easy to overcommit to work, social lives, or just extra favors, which leaves you feeling completely drained. This can be unhealthy not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. That’s where setting boundaries, finding balance and allocating downtime can incredibly beneficial. You can this by learning how to say "no," defining your non-negotiables in life (i.e.: your workout, date night, self-care practices, etc.), being honest about how you physically, emotionally and mentally feel, and establishing your routine.

How do you take care of yourself?

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