How To Build a Fragrance "Wardrobe"

You’ve all heard the phrase “fragrance is like an accessory.” Just as you have your basic, statement and seasonal outfit pieces, there are perfume versions of your closet “must haves.” Barely there clothing isn't appropriate for the winter months, and the same goes for your fragrance (and vice versa). But, how do you go about building a fragrance wardrobe? Simply begin with a base scent and then add others - just like you would earrings, a belt, a bracelet, a hat, a necklace or a ring (I think you get the picture) to an outfit. It's like an invisible final touch!

To make your fragrance shopping a bit easier, I've compiled a guide for you to follow to help you gain a scents of style.

  1. Start with the basics: know what you like and look for those specific notes. People tend to gravitate towards one, overarching fragrance category - floral, citrus, marine, oriental and exotic, spicy scents. When you’re shopping, stick with the “family” and experiment with different notes that fall within it to edit your search.
  2. Treat your fragrance like an accessory. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every day now, would you? So having a fragrance “wardrobe” that allows for diversity daily, seasonally, or with your mood is important. The fragrance basics? You should have one for work, play, every day, and a special “signature” scent. Your everyday fragrance should make you feel beautiful - something more fun than your workday scent, as you don't want to offend any co-workers with something too fragrant. Your "play" scent should be a head-turning, lasting impression-kind of fragrance. And, your signature scent is the one you can turn to know matter what the occasion!
  3. Learn about the top notes, heart notes and base notes and seek out a fragrance with good sillage (French word for perfume trail). When testing, you should apply the fragrance to one of your pulse points (i.e.: wrist, neck, etc.) and let it develop for 30 minutes on your skin so can smell all levels of the scent - from top to dry down. What’s the long, emotional impression of the perfume? When we have a powerful emotional response to scent, our brain records the smell in our memory. 
  4. A great perfume tells a great story. From the olfactory harmony, to the composition when applied/worn on your skin, to the decorative bottle which you please on your shelf, every element should be special and unique to you and your style.

Here are a few of my fragrance wardrobe favorites.

  • Le Labo Noir- The intoxicating fragrance is an ode to the noble leaf and the craft - special extraction process - that surrounds it. The Noir 29 combines depth and freshness, softness and strength through permanent oscillation between the light of bergamot, fig, and bay leaves and the depth of cedar wood, vetiver and musk. The formula has a dry, leafy, hay, tobacco feeling in the dry down to transform this creation into a sensuous and addictive essence. 
  • By Kilian Vodka on The Rocks - The incredibly unique woodsy yet fresh fragrance opens with an iced effect expressed through an accord of cold spices and aldehydes.
  • Givenchy Cuir Blanc - Carnal yet luminous, controlled and complex, unique and intimate, the white pepper, white musk and white leather composes a quasi-tactile olfactory approach to translate the sensorial pleasure of leather on the skin. The personality of Cuir Blanc transcends the conventional standards of fashion and perfumery. 
  • Chanel Coco Madamoiselle - The sexy and irresistibe Oriental fragrance has a modern composition with a strong yet surprisingly fresh character.
  • By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad- A luscious, uninhibited whirlwind of flowers, Good Girl Gone Bad opens with apricot-tinged osmanthus, orange blossom and rose before drying down to the three sirens of tuberose, jasmine and narcissus. It's beautifully tempting and definitely a head turner!

A lifetime of smelling good awaits you! 

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