Hack Your Way To Clear Skin

As we all know, fighting off blemishes can be incredibly time consuming, and in the famous words of the Internet, "ain't nobody got time for that." To help you out, I’ve rounded up a guide of simple solutions that will clear up your face and your schedule. Even the laziest of ladies (or gents) can hack their way to a fresh, flawless face! #iwokeuplikethis

  1. Clean your cell phone screen, glasses and sunglasses. The obvious, but not always top of mind. Think of all of the things that touch your face during the day. Whether it's your hands, cell phone, or glasses, make sure everything is clean and wiped down so you kill off the any acne-causing bacteria.
  2. Wear your hair up when you sleep. When you sleep with your hair loose, any lingering products, natural oils or bacteria from your hair can transfer onto your skin. Prevent unnecessary pimples by wearing your hair in a top knot or braid while you sleep. *Double duty: tying your hair in a loose, low braid before bed will give you pretty soft waves in the morning!
  3. De-puff your eyes. Sleep on two pillows! When you elevate your head, gravity drains the fluid under your eyes, which helps with next-day puffiness.
  4. Use a spot treatment. When you just don’t have time for a ten-step skincare routine, but you need something that will hit the “spot,” reach for an effective spot treatment. I’m a huge fan of Origins Acne Treatment Gel. Just dab it on your blemish and it will vanish overnight! It’s packed with Salicylic Acid which instantly helps speed healing, while it’s skin-calming Red Algae helps visibly relieve redness.
  5. Keep makeup wipes next to your bed. Wipe the idea of not washing your face before bed away by keeping makeup wipes in your nightstand. There will be zero excuses for not removing your pore-clogging, infection-causing makeup and you won’t have to leave your cozy sheets to do it.
  6. Know your expiration dates. Out with the old, in with the new. You wouldn't eat an old (moldy) piece of bread, would you?
  7. Style your hair before applying your makeup. The heat from a blow dryer can cause your makeup to melt, which can make your products sink further into your pores (not to mention any sweat) and cause breakouts.
  8. Turn down the heat in the shower. Cool it! Seriously. Hot showers can lead to dehydrated, flaky skin. In turn, dehydrated skin can lead to the overproduction of oils (to make up for the dry skin), which can cause acne or breakouts.
  9. You don’t have time for face masks? Do it in the shower. As much as we all would like to lay back with a luxurious face mask on three times a week, that’s not always an option. Your face doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of a busy schedule. Slather on your favorite face mask right before you step into your shower and step out with clean, glowing skin!

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