Glossier Opens New Showroom on Melrose

If consumers can’t Instagram a store, is it even worth going to?

If I had to guess, Emily Weiss, Founder of Glossier, the online-bred, cult favorite skincare and makeup brand would say “no!” That’s because ever since launching in 2014, Glossier has been saturating our social media feeds with its millennial pink-decked self-care fantasy world. If you don’t know about Glossier by now, you, my friend, have been living under a rock or are not on any form of social media. The brand develops products that are inspired by real life (and real people), and everything the company does is distilled into it's essential, easy-to-use skincare and makeup products. Glossier has taken the internet and the beauty industry by storm; establishing itself as an astounding leader in innovation, creativity and a less is more approach from formulas, to packaging, and it's direct-to-consumer business model. So it’s absolutely no surprise that it’s brick-and-mortar stores are full-blown selfie-ready. 

Enter: Glossier Melrose. The new and second brick-and-mortar biz which found a home in the primmest of prime locations on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. Let’s just say, Alfred Coffee and Alfred Tea are a hop, skip and a jump away. Can you visualize all of the Insta-content that’s happening within this one block radius? 

The 1,500-square foot store is everything that millennial or #glossierpink dreams are made of. West Coasters, get excited!

First, the outside. You can’t miss the greenery covered, infamous pink exterior or the heavenly smell of all of the products mustering together. Even if you aren’t looking up, your nose will follow where it being led -- and that’s through those doors. But, depending on what day and time you go, you can expect a line. But, I can tell you, it’s worth standing on. The Glossier "bouncer" AKA sales associate is super friendly, knowledgeable of the brand/collection and was kindly handing out samples of the Glossier SPF to try while you wait (and stand in the sun).

Once you enter the Glossier store you will not know where to look first. The calm, minimal but warm interior design of the store was inspired by the idea of escaping the city and driving in the California desert, and there are lots of features to appeal to Glossier’s digital community. Every element of this location was conceptualized and executed with the millennial consumer experience and social media in mind. From the walls, countertops, mirrors, floors, and ceilings, to the “you look good” slogan, flower arrangements, staff attire, burning candles, product displays, and, I can’t forget, it’s own “Glossier Canyon” with real life (filmed) canyon sounds -- it all calls for seriously cute photo ops. Basically, it’s a playground for beauty enthusiasts.  

It'll have you blushing.

The entire range of products is laid out for each consumer to try. Once you’ve had a chance to experiment with the collection, you then can place an order with one of the Glossier Editors (sales associates). They are also available for questions and application if you need. *They are not makeup artists, instead, real people and diehard fans that eat, breathe and rock the less is more, Glossier approach.

Once your order is digitally placed and paid for, it is compiled in the back of the store and you are called by name to pick up your Glossier tote from the Editor bringing them out. In true Glossier fashion, you walk away with more than just your products, but also the reusable tote, stickers, the infamous Glossier pink pouch, and sample of one of the other products from the line.

What did I walk away? The Cloud Paint (blush) in Dusk, Moisturizing Moon Mask and a sample of the Priming Moisturizer.

The new store opening coincides with the company’s latest product release, the Lash Slick, Glossier’s first mascara product, on May 9th. The company previously opened up its showroom in SoHo, New York to customers when it released the Phase 2 set, a collection of products including an eyebrow pomade, concealer, and lipstick. But, Glossier’s new store may not be the last iteration of the brand come to life. The company has previously opened pop-up shops in San Francisco, Toronto, and London. Who knows what else is in store for the brand, but I think it's safe to say that we are all patiently waiting to find out.

Which are your favorite Glossier products? Have you checked out the store yet?

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