Embrace The Journey

Throughout every professional career there are many stages that are positively embraced with open arms and the biggest, brightest smile - the job offer, raise, title change, the launch of your own brand, securing your first client, etc. But in the years between each of those hard-earned achievements is sweat, tears, sleepless nights, frustrations and moments of sheer hopelessness that can lead us to ignore the present and manifest what could be! 

By embracing the day-to-day journey for all that it is and honing in on life’s key virtues (such as confidence, determination, enthusiasm, optimism and perseverance, to name a few) we can enjoy the seconds, minutes, and hours that make up the days, months and, heck, even years of life that have been gifted to us. Isn’t that special?

While it’s not always as easy as it sounds, I’ve always found inspiration in those who have done it before and have openly spoken about their experiences in hopes of helping others live their passions. That’s what continues to inspire me to follow my dreams and, ultimately, what sparked my interest in creating A Gold Lining and my AGL interview series. 

From a pure inspiration standpoint, to having an undeniable curiosity as to what the world’s strivers, dreamers and disrupter’s stories were, I set out to capture the roads that led them to where they are now --  from what sparked the idea to start his/her own biz or pursue a career in a specific industry (A.K.A your gold lining moment), what steps it took to get there, advice to those that are looking to follow in their footsteps, to how he/she dealt with self-doubt, etc.  

It’s a beautiful thing when you hear that a fellow dreamer had overcome his/her very own adversity, doubt, and any fears and that conquering and working through those obstacles has only made he/she stronger, more successful and appreciative of all that he/she has accomplished so far! It definitely sparks extra hope to any flame that may have been burning out.

So make a conscious effort to not fall into a tunnel vision perspective. Instead, follow these steps to embrace the journey to a happy career(s) and experience true happiness!

  • Have the vision.
  • Dream the dream. 
  • Pursue your passion.
  • Don't forget to enjoy the tiny moments and keep an open mind.

For all of the twists, turns, ups and downs, and people that we meet along the way all make up the bigger picture - our career map - which leads to our overall growth and character building.

So, how are you embracing your journey?

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