Disconnect to Connect

It is very easy to become immersed in life's daily routine; traveling the same route, seeing the same sights and never stopping to acknowledge and appreciate the little things. Minutes, days, hours and months could flash before your eyes if you do not take the time to stop and seek beauty everyday.

Tomorrow, I encourage you to wake up with the intention to appreciate life's gifts and hit the "reset" button on your daily routine. Whether you have five minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, there is a way to create your own mindful moment.

Mindful Moments: 

  • Stop and smell the roses. Make a pit stop at your local florist, corner flower vendor, public garden and breathe in the aroma of fresh flowers, take notice to the intricate details of each petal and recognize the beauty of how this, once little seed, transformed into one of life's most beautiful and sacred creations. In return, your heart and mind will blossom. 
  • Be immersed in nature. Nature allows us to feel calm and grounded. I always find that there's an incredible relaxation that comes from stepping foot in nature; a feeling of serenity that doesn't seem able to be replicated by any other activity. 
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise. 
  • Put your feet in the sand. Listen to the ocean's waves crash on to the shore. 
  • Go for a hike or a walk in the park.

Meditate; disconnect and recharge your batteries. And, no, I don't mean your electronics..life's batteries. It's very easy to become run-down; loosing your willpower, self-power or physical power. Take the time to sign off - from e-mails, texts, calls and the television - and recharge, regain and reboot your personal connection. No WiFi needed. Experiencing this disconnect will allow you to reconnect in a stronger and more prominent way than you could have ever imagined.

It is very easy to walk by and see things... but it requires effort to really see them. Don't let life's beautiful moments pass you by. Take every chance you can to seek beauty and hit your "reset" button, as you never know when will be the next time you will see a vast, color-soaked sky, an electric blue butterfly, a blossomed tree, a rainbow or what have you. Making that extra effort will not only open your eyes, but your mind and your heart.

When you live in gratitude and are thankful for what you have, you are always rewarded more.

How do you seek beauty each day?

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