Danielle Dinten, Fashion Stylist and Collection Coordinator

When did Danielle Dinten know that she wanted to go into fashion? "Always." The stylist, whose impressive roster of clients includes Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Annie Leibovitz and the Victoria Secret angels, to name a few, has a unique approach to styling - one that puts the wearer's needs first - and that has no doubt attributed to her acceleration to the top. She's got a sharp eye for what's hot and what's not, excellent curation skills and valuable brand contacts. Today, she gives us a look at what it's like to walk in her shoes and shares insight into her creative process, how she got started and advice that she would give a fashion industry hopeful.


Can you tell us a bit about your background? I'm a fashion stylist and collection coordinator in NYC. I have been doing this for about 8 years. I have done things from touring with Alicia Keys in Europe, coordinating Kanye West's fashion shows and shooting with Annie Leibovitz in Iceland for the Moncler ad campaign. I have had tons of amazing experiences in this industry and I am looking forward to see what else is in store! 

What was your "gold lining" that lead you to be a fashion stylist? I think I have always been interested in fashion, even as a little girl. I would ask my mother every week if we can go shopping. As I got older my passion for getting dressed and dressing my friends and family stuck with me. I really enjoyed seeing people feel good about what they were wearing and that moment where their confidence immediately boosted because they felt good about their look. I decided to go to school for fashion merchandising and I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do in fashion, but I was sure I wanted to be there. It wasn't until I became an intern my freshman year for the Victoria's Secret fashion show that I realized that this is what I wanted, and that I wanted to be a stylist. I loved being able to see these extravagant creations starting with a simple swatch and a photo on a mood board turn to life. For me, that was my "aha" moment - when I realized that I could partake in creating something amazing and I can't imagine doing anything else. 

What is your creative process like? How do you choose what works for each individual client? Getting to really know what each client wants is extremely important, as well as getting to know what they don't want. From there I will usually roam several stores and showrooms and make selections based on what I feel will really work and make the client look best and feel best with adding my own little twist on things! 

What has been the most exciting moment in your career to date? The most exciting moment in my career was walking on to the soccer field in Milan for the UEFA championship game before Alicia had performed and feeling the crowds energy. 

Has the space changed since you first entered? If so, how? Any advice for aspiring stylists? I think it has definitely changed, especially with social media being involved and everyone posting about their jobs in the fashion industry. I think that people are more interested in working in the fashion industry now more than ever, so it is extremely competitive. My advice is to be a fearless networker, be kind to everyone you meet, and most of all say yes to every single opportunity because you do not know who you may meet along that opportunity and it can lead to something great.

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up? I just keep going, and try not to doubt myself. Confidence is key! 

What quotation or saying inspires you and motivates you to be yourself and do what you love? "Im going to make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life." 

How would you describe your personal style? What staple pieces can we find in your closet? My personal style is classic with a twist. I will wear a simple white t-shirt and jeans but add a really funky shoe to make it a little edgier. Some of my staple pieces are some great button ups and turtlenecks & my leather jacket. 

Everyone loves a good deal, what are some of your favorite places to find budget buys? Brandy Melville and sometimes I find great things at vintage shops.

What’s advice would you give for aspiring stylists who would like to follow in your footsteps? Work hard, be kind and never give up. 

Any trends that we should be on the look out for? The 70s are back!

Backstage at Victoria Secret Paris 

Fun Facts 

What's your zodiac sign? Scorpio!

Recent discovery? Vergegirl.com for budget shopping and Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge has been amazing to combine with my face cleanser (Kiehls).

What is your philosophy on self care? What would you say is your number one self care tip? Your body is your temple. Whatever you put into it will determine how you will feel. Drinking lots of water, and eating protein and vegetables keeps my energy levels up. 

If you could choose a celebrity closet to shop in, who would it be? Oooooh Alicia Vikander. I love her style. 

What are some of your go to spots in NYC? Public Hotels rooftop, Shadowbox (I'm addicted), and La Esquina.

Backstage at Kanye West New York Fashion Week Season 3
Front of House Kanye West New York Fashion Week Season 3
Alicia Keys Tour, Berlin
Milan UEFA championship game with Alicia Keys
Iceland Moncler Ad Campaign

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