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Have you ever met someone who just stops you in your tracks? Well, that was my first time meeting Kim years back. She is a tall, stunning blond; whip-smart, otherworldly and all with a polished English accent. She is encyclopedic when it comes to her understanding of the stars, all the signs, and every combination thereafter. At the end of a reading with her, she will literally know you better than you know yourself. But then she goes one step further and overlays celestially themed fashion and beauty tips at which point your mind is fully blown. She is completely lovely, driven and methodical in her research - she will get even the most steadfast non-believers on board. She has carved out a special space at the intersection of style and stars...a brilliant space where we should all visit her.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in the English countryside, in a gorgeous little town in the middle of nowhere, then moved to bigger towns and cities, and eventually found myself in Hong Kong! I was obsessed with astrology from about 6 or 7 years old, and even wrote to a famous astrologer – Jonathan Cainer – when I was 16, to ask how to go about becoming one. He very kindly wrote back, suggesting I study in London, however, this seemed outside the realms of possibility. So, I went to college and on to University to study English and Marketing, under the impression I needed to follow a more conventional path. I went on to work in publishing and digital agencies throughout my 20's but was pretty disenchanted with what life was delivering. I set up when I was 28 (just before my Saturn Return [] ) after asking the universe for something more meaningful! It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made, and I adore the journey I’ve been on since.

What was your gold lining that led you down the path to this point in your career?

I think everything I was ever interested in, studied or did (personally and) professionally led me to this point, and I feel very lucky to have got to where I am – and there’s still so much more to do! I’m always delighted when I realize I’ve got the skills or knowledge to handle a challenge that comes up, which I’ve picked up from a different workplace, role or life lesson. I believe everything that came prior to this was valuable – if not essential for where I am now. A turning point came when I understood how straightforward it could be to create and run a website. Having the autonomy to do something independently was massively appealing; it really is about taking that first step and continuing to walk down the path of your choosing, and for me having the ultimate creative license is amazing!

How did you get to where you are today?

By having a vision and holding on to it, and by keeping faith in what I’m doing and my own capabilities. I’ve been flexible along the way, but my core idea, brand philosophy, and purpose has always stayed the same: helping people recognize their special qualities, their unique beauty, talents, and gifts – through the lens of astrology. I have quite a deep understanding of my own purpose (through studying my own personal horoscope), and I wholeheartedly believe what I’m doing serves others – and utilizes my strengths. Really knowing who we are, and our true calling is – at times – incredibly difficult to grasp; our direction gets clouded, we worry and slip into fear – economic fear, fear of failure and so on. I like to blow away some of the fog and reconnect people to their truth, their path, their potential, their identity and the planetary cycles they’re experiencing.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work from home in central Hong Kong and the days can be pretty varied, but most of the time I’m writing horoscopes or consulting. Quite a bit of what I do is creative and visual, which I love. It’s also very important for me to connect with other astrologers, and I’m lucky I have a mentor and friend who I meet around once a week. The Internet has been invaluable for this too – I adore talking astrology with new friends and exploring new ideas. I’m lucky that my job allows me to work from anywhere and travel, so I will sometimes head to Bali, which is now like a second home, or other destinations – thankfully I love writing on airplanes! I’ll be at an astrology conference in Calcutta meeting hundreds of astrologers early next year!

What is your creative process like? Who or what inspires you?

I have to take inspiration from real-life, so I’m constantly checking in with people to see how astrology is affecting them in a very literal and emotional sense. That’s another reason I like doing personal readings because you’re privileged to peek behind the curtain of a person's most intimate story. When I was starting out studying astrology I knew that eventually, I wanted to write horoscopes, so I’ve been plugged into this specialty for years – writing ‘sun sign’ horoscopes is only a very small part of the wider subject of astrology. I’ve had a few teachers along the way who have instructed me on best practices, which has really helped. But the best muse is the living, breathing people – and experiences – all around me! I would hate to do my job badly, so I’m always learning, studying and deepening my understanding of astrology, which is just so varied, juicy and rich. One way is through conferences and another is to keep up to date on new research and the teachings of leading astrologers. It’s vital new astrologers keep coming up through the ranks because each generation has unique issues (and planetary patterns) to contend with. I’m also inspired by the latest fashion trends, art and modern culture, which is thankfully so easy to tune in to online.

How has the space changed since you first started?

Lots. I was very lucky to start at the end of 2012 when there was a space for such a website to exist. Nowadays witchcraft, crystals, astrology and many different esoteric practices are trending, which happens over and over in the media – it’s already happened a couple of times since I started. Journalists always report alternative subjects are having a revival, however, I’d say they’re always pretty accessible and consistent, it’s just they’re repackaged in different ways by different people. I love, love, love seeing how different designers and creatives interpret the Zodiac, although I’m a stickler for detail, and usually find fault with the way they’re executed: I think they should approach professional astrologers for a once over, to ensure their interpretations are spot on!

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

Being surrounded by strong women, my husband and having my family and friends at the end of the phone are the most valuable assets I could wish for. I don’t ever doubt my overall purpose but I do have to be mindful of ideas that I have and take my time researching etc. I am desperate to do a jewelry line but as I’ve not studied this it’s something I’m still contemplating. Likewise fashion and other accessories too!

In your life and in your line of work, how do you define success?

I feel my best (and my most successful) when I do a reading that touches someone, or genuinely helps them. When I get to the point in a reading where people start to connect to themselves and identify on a different level it’s incredibly rewarding and insightful, when they grasp the true purpose of astrology – like a very helpful personal weather forecast! I also feel successful when I see my website gets lots of traffic or when I get contacted by a brand or media outlet by surprise. That’s always exciting, or when other astrologers or enthusiasts connect with me – people who are in the same space and are excited by what I’m doing.

What characteristics do you admire most in creative people?

Originality! I cannot stand copycats or people who lack the bravery to strike out with something new. I think it's really rare to find people that produce ideas, creative concepts, and art that's totally original, work that’s truly different. When I see something fresh it always catches my attention. I think baring your soul passion at the risk of it being rejected is super cool, so kudos the trailblazers. That goes for spokespeople sharing their voice on social issues, too.

Is there anything exciting coming down the line for you we should keep an eye out for?

Yes! I’m writing a book about Astrology, Fashion and the cycles of Trends and Time, which has never been done before. I’d also love to collaborate with brands – I loved collaborating with Julep on their line of Zodiac Nail Polish [] and would love to do fashion, home wares, stationery and of course jewelry – I’ve lots of ideas!

Fun Facts:

  • What are some of your go-to spots in HK? Crystal shops in Sham Shui Po, Prince Edward Flower Market, Sangeetha Vegan Restaurant – yum.
  • Name people who inspire you the most? It’s really the people closest to me; my partner, parents, and friends. I don’t really follow any motivational coaches, speakers or business people – I do have a shamanic healer in Bali who blows my mind!
  • If you could invite anyone over for a home-cooked meal, who would it be and what would you make? My mum! She lives in Scotland and I'd make lots of salads and smorgasbord of healthy treats and tea so we could sit for hours and relax.
  • What is your philosophy on self-care? What would you say is your number one self-care tip? My tip is to think why self-care exists – it’s because it’s our duty to ‘take care of ourselves’ in the world. If we don’t, we’re rejecting our place in the universe; if we don’t look after (and prioritize) ourselves we’re doing a disservice to the universal flow and the gift of life; we have to look after ourselves, our health, our mental wellbeing etc. Saying no, respecting yourself, your feelings and energy levels is the best self-care.
  • What is your sign? Sun and Venus in Aries, moon in Sagittarius, Cancer rising.
  • Minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist! I love streamlining and would love to live in a communal building where everyone shared the stuff they barely use, like drills, ladders, coffee grinders, and printers…
  • What do you collect? Tiny trinkets, ornaments, little pots, and bottles.
  • Dream dinner party guest? Sophia Amoruso, because she’s born one day after me (20.4.84), I’d love to psychoanalyze the astrological similarities/differences… (I recently met another astrologer born two days before me, which was so fab!)

Recent discovery? I’m now learning more about the chakras.

Favorite Apps?I love using Kindle on my iPhone – they send you sample chapters too!

Do you have any daily practices? How do you incorporate these practices into your everyday life? Prayer, meditation, gratitude lists, journaling and reading my horoscope of course!!

Kimberly has written horoscopes for Yahoo, StyleCaster and is a contributor to 

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