22 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to beauty, we’ve all got a few tricks in our kit - a well-mastered hack can help you escape a beauty emergency unscathed. To save you from leaving the house feeling frizzy, flaky or frazzled, I’m sharing some of my hair, skin and makeup tips that I think every woman should know.

  1. Out of shaving cream? No problem! Swap in your conditioner - it’s filled with hydrating ingredients and will help you get a smooth, close shave so you can bare those legs with confidence!
  2. Want longer, thicker looking lashes? My secret: warm up your eyelash curler up with your blow dryer for 10 seconds before curling your lashes. The warmth will accentuate your lashes! PSA: feel the temp of the curler with your fingers before curling.. you don’t want to burn your precious lashes off. :)
  3. Wipe that midday sheen goodbye with a toilet paper seat cover. The covers are great for soaking up excess oil in a pinch.
  4. If you're trying out tester foundation shades at a beauty counter, apply the shade to your neck, instead of your arm, for the most accurate match.
  5. Lash out with your business card! Avoid mascara smudges by holding up a business card behind your lashes as you apply.
  6. Make your hair look thicker by slightly dusting your hairline with a similar eyeshadow color to your mane.
  7. Tea may be relaxing, but it can also pick you up! Steep two tea bags and place them over your eyes to help increase circulation and de-puff instantly!
  8. Don’t let shattered eyeshadow, blush or bronzer shatter your heart. Instead of throwing away your compact, add a small amount of  rubbing alcohol and mix it into a smooth paste. Then, pat it down with a spoon and let it sit overnight. Your powder will be as good as new!
  9. Make any lipstick matte with loose powder. Apply your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips, then brush over it lightly with translucent powder—the powder will seep through the tissue and mattify your lip color. One of my favorites is the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.
  10. Pin those bobby pins in place! When your bobby pins keep slipping and sliding all over the place, put them on a paper towel and give them a spritz of hairspray. The sticky pins will stay in your hair much better!
  11. Swap your hair-drying towel for a t-shirt. The rough fibers of a towel can roughen up your hair shaft and result in frizziness.
  12. Kiss dry lips goodbye! Make your own lip scrub by combining sugar with coconut or olive oil. Gently rub the DIY formula over your lips and instantly feel how softer and smoother your pout is!
  13. Want a longer, fuller ponytail? Creating two ponytails on top of each other and wrap a 1-inch section of hair around both elastics and pin it in place underneath.  
  14. Dry your nails faster by dipping them in a bowl of cold water for one to three minutes. You’ll cut your drying time in half!
  15. Use baby powder as dry shampoo.
  16. Use your lip balm to tame unruly brows. Apply with your finger and grab a clean spooly to set as you wish!
  17. Get glowing by adding a drop of liquid highlighter or moisturizer to your foundation for a dewy, model-esque complexion.
  18. Send cracked, dry feet walkin’! Rub Vaseline over your feet before bed and put a pair of socks on. By morning, you’ll wake up to baby-soft soles. #happyfeet
  19. Cover up dark circles by applying concealer in a triangle shape.
  20. Use white eyeliner to accentuate your cupid’s bow, and to line the inside of your bottom lids to make you look more awake.
  21. You can use coconut oil for pretty much everything - hair mask, body moisturizer, shaving cream, soften your cuticles, etc.   
  22. Short on time? Use lipstick to add some color to your lips, cheeks and/or lids.

Learn them early, use them often!

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