Beauty Product Travel Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Travel can be a fascinating, exciting, enjoyable, and often a life-changing experience. But do you know what is none of those things? Packing. For us beauty addicts and product hoarders, separation anxiety from our daily must-haves is real alarming. I mean.. no adventure should be at the expense of our makeup and skincare routines. Am I right? In light of Labor Day Weekend - A.K.A the last hoorah of summer - being right around the corner, I wanted to give you a helping hand (or hack) to get your packing panic in check!

  • Put your travel-size stash to use. Every beauty junkie has a stash of sample-size goodies accumulated through shopping sprees, monthly beauty boxes and gifts with purchase. There's no better time to put these miniatures to use than while traveling!
  • Tape around the seal of your travel containers. Product spills not only make for a terrible mess, but precious dollars down the tube - literally.
  • Reuse empty toiletry bottles for your own beauty essentials. Do your beauty routine a favor and fill up the empties with your own all time, can't live without, must have favorites. Just traveling for the weekend? Put your foundation or powder into contact cases to bring small quantities.
  • Pack products that are multi-function. Minimize how much you bring by taking advantage of gels that double as lip and cheek stains and double-ended pencils for twice the color. Also, find your skin savior. The travel-sized Egyptian Magic won’t be confiscated by TSA and can be used as a cuticle cream, lip balm, stray brow tamer, flyaway smoother—pretty much everything.
  • Place cotton pads in your powder compacts. Keep your compacts from cracking during any travel jostling they experience.
  • Switch up your look with lipstick. Your lipstick can define your whole beauty look. If you're interested in switching things up on the trip - and don't want to excessively pack palettes and supplies - just bring a few distinct lipstick options. You'll be able to completely switch up your vibe; whether you opt for a pretty pink pout, or a dark, a bold red lip, or a dramatic plum for a glammed up night out.
  • Stash your bobby pins in a Tic Tac container to keep from losing them. You might have 99 problems, but finding your bobby pin won't be one.

Efficient, effective, and still light enough to travel. 

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